Debut music video for Zutsuri. "Flesh" from Fen (2016). The story of a woman torn between her innermost desires and the body that binds. Gorgeous black and white cinematography with eerie, surreal visual effects. Directed by the exceedingly talented Nadine Platzek (


Actress: Cindy Sittig (

Assistant: Felix Wolf (

Zutsuri footage: Nick Sitney

Music video for Siobhan Dakay's remix of "Falling" by Zutsuri. Reinterpreted as a lush piano ballad. Video was originally created by Swedish video producers Cinematik for a contest, then found second life as a vehicle for me and Siobhan.


Video produced by: Cinematik,
Actor & director: Johan Cederholm
Story: Mikael Berglund, Johan Cederholm
Cinematographer: Mikael Berglund
Editing: Mikael Berglund, Johan Cederholm