Summer 2017 Tour

This July, Zutsuri is packing up her keyboard and hitting the road, and she's taking some friends with her!

But this is no traditional tour. The venue will be your living room. The audience will be you and your closest friends. The cover charge will be a pay-what-you-what donation.

If you:

  • Live on the West Coast
  • Have a place appropriate for a low-key musical performance
  • Have roughly 15 or more friends/family members
  • Love hearing live music and supporting musicians
  • Enjoy fun, frivolity, and/or merriment in all its forms

Then scroll to the bottom of this page and submit your contact info. We want to hang out and play music for you!



My name's on the tour, so of course I'll be there! If you don't know already, I make experimental electronic/triphop music, which is heavily vocal and lyrics driven. It's moody rather than dancey, so don't worry about your living room becoming a rave. I'll be doing stripped down versions of my songs (and some covers), all played totally live. You'll have the option to choose my setlist if you like, and I'll be offering a lot of songs I've never played before. I will also have merch available, including CDs and t-shirts (and much more).

Andrew Vidal.jpg

Andrew Vidal

From his SoundCloud: "A fingerstyle guitarist rooted in piedmont, country blues, ragtime, and American primitivism. Heavily influenced by Stefan Grossman, John Fahey, and Jack Rose." This guy is incredibly talented and very humble, and his music will make you think of rolling hills and wandering forest paths. Below is his demo, a rough recording he did outside (you can hear birds chirping occasionally, which is lovely). He has no merch as of yet, so during the tour he will be doing pre-sales for his first album!

Eden Page.jpg

Eden Page

From her Bandcamp: "A combination of electric and organic instruments thickly layered with winding harmonies and lead vocals to create ethereal and haunting sounds." I don't even know how to describe this woman's music, but it's melancholy and strange and beautiful and I love it. She'll be releasing her full-length album "Swords" on June 30th, and will be selling signed copies of the first run during this tour.


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