...is the project of singer/producer Alex Furness. With heavy triphop and synthwave influences, Zutsuri combines rich, organic synths with delicate vocals to produce music that is thoughtful, emotional, and vulnerable.


Alex learned to sing at a young age by harmonizing to Beatles cassettes in the car. As she grew older, she dabbled in many genres--including folk, dreampop, and psychedelic rock--and nothing stuck. But once she got her first DAW in 2011 and began programming beats and bass synths, she knew she was hooked.


Alex has released two records as Zutsuri: Umbellu (2012), a jazzy, four-track EP, influenced by 50s exotica and cool jazz, and Fen (2016), a seven-track triphop album that ranges from gentle and pleading to defiant and anthemic.

Strong vocal melodies are the centerpiece of these two records, and Alex shifts seamlessly between the sultry menace of Portishead's Beth Gibbons, the otherworldly playfulness of Bjork and Cocorosie, and the earnest purity of Vashti Bunyan, to create something wholly her own.


Alex isn’t really happy unless she is working on several things simultaneously. She is currently working on her next Zutsuri project, a multimedia concept album that will combine synthwave with psychological horror. Due for release in October of 2020.